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Save electrical energy on your lighting without replacing your light fittings

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Lighting varies according to the mains voltage. Such variations do not increase visual comfort, only your electricity bill. Lighting can account for up to 30% of your electricity bill.

Without replacing your light fittings or foregoing your comfort, you can reduce your electricity bill by 20% to 30% with the Lighting Energy Controller (LEC) solution.

Simple to install in electrical switchboards on the incoming supply to your light fittings without requiring any alterations to the premises concerned.

Your investment pays for itself in less than a year for premises that are lit 24/7 and in two to five years for those where the lighting is on ten to twelve hours each working day.
Shopping centers, car parks, hospitals, hotels, sports centers, schools, offices, industrial sites, warehouses, stations, airfields, street lighting, etc.

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