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After choosing LEC for its street lighting six years ago,
the town of Morges (VD) is now beginning to install it in its main school buildings

An initial test involving the lighting in the Grand'Rue, which reduced electrical consumption by 28%, convinced the Morges town engineering departments that they should continue to install LEC highway lighting equipment and extend it to include large public buildings. The "Energy City" likes to consider itself as being at the forefront for delivering energy savings.

The town's objectives
are to reduce the electricity consumption of public services without investing in costly new lighting systems
Street lighting installation programme:
2000: Grand'Rue lighting
2001: rue de Couvaloup lighting
2002: Vertou park lighting
2003: lighting in the place and the rue de la Gare
2004: lighting at the Moulin roundabout and its access roads.

Extension of the use of LEC to public buildings
2005: Collège de Beausobre 2
Since LEC was installed in one building in the Collège de Beausobre and put into service on 14 September 2005, energy savings of 19% have been measured.

Users have noticed no difference in terms of comfort and security with respect to either the street lighting or the lighting in the Collège de Beausobre.

The LEC, tested and approved by the Vaud School of Engineering | Principle and operation of the LEC
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